Thermoplastic Rubbers - QPRENE TRP/TPV

We manufacture two types of TPRs:
1. TPR Base - composition of Rubbers, Plasticizer, compatibilizer and trace amounts of cross linking additives. The bases may be used as starting material by TPV manufacturers to mix TPVs of different duro levels and grades to suit needs of final application.

2. Bases with recycled polymers. These have, besides price advantage, improved properties for certain applications.

QPRENE (Quantum's brand) TPRs behave like rubber, yet can be processed using plastic process machines - recycling scraps and defects/flashes like plastic.

QPRENE masterbatches may be used in the manufacture of TPV by addition of suitable plastic resins like Polyethylene or Polypropylene at levels needed to adjust duro and properties desired. This versatility allows the fabricators of parts to use one feed stock to produce different grades by varying the plastic resin levels.
Advantages of QPRENE TPR over existing grades of TPRs in the market:
1. Excellent Strength
2. Ability to vary the flex modulus for a given duro level
3. Good Scratch Resistance
4. Glossy surface in higher duro grades
5. No pretreatment such as drying before use, is required
6. Choice of material with different process temperatures
7. Ability to use recycled rubbers to reduce cost, and improve certain properties and meet the recycled content target set by auto companies for their parts

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