Specialty Process Aid Polymer masterbatches with recycled content


  • Ecoreen T � Tire Rubber process aid and additive

  • Ecoreen Butyl � Butyl process aid and additive for Butyl mixes

  • Ecoreen EPDM � EPDM process aid and additive


Product Description

Ecoreen range of polymer process aids are manufactured from blends of virgin and recycled post manufacturing scraps. They are in free flowing pellets for easy handling and processing. Its low viscosity helps to reduce viscosity of compounds to which they are added. Being a polymer, Ecoreen cures together with the rest of the mix, hence does not bleed nor reduce any of the physicals of the base mix. As it cures with the rubber, it is recommended as polymer substitute in mixes rather than add on.


Other advantages of Ecoreen are it imparts dimensional stability to soft mixes, reduces shrinkage during calendaring and molded parts.


It can be used in Thermoplastics as impact modifiers.


Due to its low viscosity at Mooney levels of 15 to 25, Ecoreen enhances the ability of mixes to hold more fillers and oil.


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