Ecoreen T is a black masterbatch in free flowing pellets, recommended for use in reducing tire compound viscosity thereby reducing mixing time in the Banbury and Mill. As they come in pellets they can be easily added in continuous mixing processes in Extruders.Typical applications are Tire Tread compounds, Molded products requiring reduced mold shrinkage and shrinkage of sheets in calendered sections. Oil may be reduced in the formulations to improve the physicals without impairing ease of processing.

Ecoreen Butyl is a black masterbatch in free flowing pellets, based on virgin polymers and recycled butyl bladders, packed in 55 LB paper bags. It is most useful as additive to Butyl Inner Liner compounds. It reduces shrinkage of butyl sheets during and after mixing and milling. It confers dimensional stability to the compounds, thereby reducing the cold flow tendencies of Butyl inner liner mixes. Thus it also reduces incidence of flow through fabric backing. It confers good green strength. It can be used as impact modifiers for thermoplastics.

Ecoreen Butyl is suited for adhesive tapes and concrete sealant formulations.

Ecoreen EPDM is black masterbatch based on blend of recycled EPDM factory scraps and virgin polymers. It is free flowing pellets packed in 55 LB paper bags. Ideal for use in EPDM and PP based Thermoplastic Rubbers replacing partly or entirely virgin EPDM in product formulations. It can also be used in EPDM formulations to bring down viscosity, confer dimensional stability in low viscosity mixes, and reduce shrinkage in calendered and molded product processing.

All of the Ecoreen process aid polymers can be used similar to liquid rubbers.

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